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Time-limited tax reimbursementRegulations on Time-limited Tax Replenishment of Account Balance
Any order placed on lookfantastic.com or lookfantastic.cn between November 6th and December 15th, 2020 (Beijing time) and mailed to mainland China, and the order amount exceeds 80 pounds or 700 yuan RMB customers who pay corresponding taxes in accordance with relevant laws and regulations can receive up to 25 GBP or 220 RMB to make up their account balance without threshold tax (account balance is only used on the above-mentioned website);
Each customer can pick up the balance of the tax supplement account not more than 2 times per natural month with a qualified certificate;
Eligible customers can in Beijing 2021 Nian 1 Yue 31 , 1998 (including 1 Yue 31 days) prior to visit the website to contact customer service sites collect, fails to fill;
The account balance obtained by eligible customers includes the actual taxed amount and related handling fees during the tax payment period. If the sum of the taxed amount and the handling fee exceeds 25 pounds or 220 yuan, the maximum compensation is 25 pounds or 220 yuan;
The account balance is valid for 60 days from the date of collection, and it will automatically become invalid when it expires, without compensation;
When contacting the official website customer service, please provide and issue (i) your order number; (ii) a screenshot of your order including and showing the order amount and order date; (iii) customs duty payment certificate and handling fee payment certificate to prove your Eligibility;
Unless otherwise specified, the account balance can be used simultaneously with other discounts on the website;
The LOOKFANTASTIC website has the right to decide to suspend or stop the event at any time, and has the final right to interpret the event;

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