Cat for Adoption – Ray

Breed: Maine coon / Manx⁣

⁣Age: 8 – 12 months ⁣

• His dental development tells us he’s a year old, but as he is part Maine coon (large breed), he may be younger ⁣

Adoption fee: RM300 (to help cover the cost of neuter, shots, de-flea, de-worm, etc)

  • When we first found him, he had a very bad fever. His nose was completely congested, he had to breathe through his mouth. So he was under 5 types of medications on top of daily nebulization.⁣
  • His left ear was badly infected, thus his fever. Until now there’s still discharge from it, but not serious.

✔ Neutered⁣

✔ Vaccinated twice⁣

✔ Harness trained⁣

✔ Fairly trained to do tricks (with hand gestures)⁣

– Sit, high 5, paw, shake, stand⁣


• He has crooked bottom incisors. Because of this, he cannot fully close his mouth. But it doesn’t hinder him from chewing food 😋⁣

About Ray⁣

• Friendly!⁣

He likes to get to know other cats and be friends with them 🥰⁣

• He lovessss playtime. He gets so excited he’ll jump and bump his head everywhere, zoom and hit his body because he fail to stop 😂 ⁣

• He’s a big eater! He can eat up to 8 portions a day if you do not control his food⁣

• His digestion is sensitive to kibbles like Belif, but with tiny portions can be fed. ⁣

• Inquisitive: He’s curious of everything! He wants to see the flickering fire 🔥, watch you when you change the ceiling lamp, and get his nose into the box of crackers you refill.⁣

– Keep anything you deem harmful out of his way to avoid injuries⁣

• Easily distracted⁣

When training, do it at a space where there’s no one around, or else he’ll get really distracted⁣

• He’s very rough when in playful mode. He has a strong grip when doing bunny kicks.⁣⁣

– If he catch your hand, throw in a kicker like fish toy to replace⁣⁣

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Saving a cat won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one cat

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