About Us

Hepicheek is a home-based cat boarding in Puchong. We focus on giving the best care for furry friends in our safe haven 🏑

Our motto

’30 minutes playtime a day, keep the doctor and vet away!’

This is due to the raw need in cats to hunt daily, that if not met, will result in pent up energy which can lead to aggression, thus injuries on owners or other pets. Hence, we focus on movement and exercise to keep the kitties under our care calm and content 🐈

Our mission

In the years to come, Hepicheek aims to provide a foster home for stray cats in need on top of helping busy owners caring for their pets ❀️️


My name is Mawaddah and I am a proud cat lover ❀️️

Since I was a young girl, I always have the tendency to save stray cats I encounter, from an orphan kitten behind my class door to a mother cat who sought refuge under our car porch.

Cats bring me so much joy in time of sadness. They make me smile when nothing else does. Most importantly, they give me a sense of purpose in life and the motivation to wake up everyday.

Cats are marvel beings in their own unique way ✨ Learning about them never cease to amaze me. Everyday, I discover more and more interesting facts about my favourite felines 😍

There is so much love to give for these wonderful creatures in my life. Although the road seems endless, I am excited for that one day when I am finally able to foster cats in need and send them to loving families they very much deserve 😊

Saving one cat won’t change the world, but it will change the word for that one cat

Help us grow to foster cats-in-need and send them to loving families 😊

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