Cat Breeds

41 Domestic Shorthaired Cats All Over The World

If our presumption is right, you must be here to decide on a shorthaired cat as a prospective pet that’s easier to groom than our longhaired friends. Curious to know which shorthaired cat breed suits your personality or traits the most? While going for their extraordinary appearance may be the reason you choose them, it is better to know if you two have the same demeanor so our furry friends can be the best company for you to spend your everyday with. 

Some of them you may already know as half are worldwide famous, but prepare for peculiar breeds you’ve never heard of that will blow your mind away 🤯

1. American Curl (Shorthaired cat)

Lifespan: 9-13 years (2-3 years to full maturity)

American Curl is small to medium in size, with the males weighing 3-5kg and females weighing 2-4kg. Their distinctive curled ears make a balletic arc, giving a perky and alert expression. This is due to the autosomal dominant ear curling gene that causes the kittens’ ears to curl 3-5 days after birth. They have a silky coat (white, blue, black, red, chocolate, cream, lilac, golden, silver) and various shadings and patterns. American Curl is also popular as “Peter Pan” cat as they retain their kitten-like personality throughout their life. On the other hand, they are very much people-oriented and can be really affectionate as well as able to easily adjust to children and other pets.

2. American Shorthair

Lifespan: 15-20 years (3-4 years to full maturity)

Ancestors of the American Shorthair is aboriginal inhabitants of North America. Through selective breeding in the 1960s, came a kitten with a distinct look despite its nondescript domestic felines resemblance, which signed an official designation of a breed. Consequently, the breed got the name ‘American Shorthair’ on 1966 to distinguish them easier from other short-haired breeds. In the old days, food stores’ owner make them pets to fend off rodents and vermin. Now, from time to time, they enjoy refining their hunting skills on unwary insects.

This muscular breed is medium to large in size, with males weighing 4-7kg and females weighing 3-5kg. Their broad, stocky build and muscular legs give them the advantages of endurance and agility. American Shorthair sports a full face, large head, wide eyes, medium-sized round ears, and muzzle with the shape of a square. Their dense, thick coat (brown tabby, silver tabby, white tabby, blue tabby, black tabby, red tabby, cream tabby) have an array of shadings and patterns.

American Shorthair loves challenge!

These cats enjoy challenging their intelligence with interactive toys and puzzles, as well as learning tricks. American Shorthair also have a good nature and are adaptable, an ideal family companion who loves attention from everyone. They can even hit it off with dogs. However, due to their natural hunting instincts, American Shorthair may get distracted during playtime at the sight of a small animal or bird. They are also quite independent and do not prefer being carried. Occasionally though, they are open to curl up in your lap or may choose to simply sit beside you.

We suggest that you comb them twice per week to remove dead hair and thus redistribute skin oil that keeps their coat shiny and their skin relaxed.

American Shorthairs are a healthy breed in general. But their equable nature risks obesity if they are inactive for too long. It is sufficient to maintain their wellness with an expressly formulated cat food that controls regularly forming hairballs. Other things to note, their flat face makes American Shorthair prone to respiratory and ocular issues. They are also genetically susceptible to gum and mouth disease

3. Bombay (Shorthaired cat)

shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 12-16 years (2 years to full maturity)

A cross of a black American Shorthair and a sable Burmese by a breeder from Kentucky in the 1950s had given birth to an offspring with sleek appearance resembling a black leopard. The marvelous breed got their name in honor of an exotic port city in India where these wild felines originated. 

Bombay is a medium size kitty with the males weighing 3-5kg and females weighing  2-4kg, denser body than average cats. That is to say, they gain weight easily. Therefore, it is crucial to control their diet.

Most Bombays are black all over, including their paws, a rare trait that is hard to find in other black cats. Their striking deep black coat enhances this, offering the impression of a patent leather. But a few kittens in one litter can be sable in color that resembles a Burmese, from the associations of longer, larger body, long legs, round head, wide set of ears and medium-length tail.

Scary? More like cuddly!

Undoubtedly, Bombay cat gives a wild aura that scares people when first met (some get the chills just from their staring golden or copper eyes). But, in reality, this energetic feline is not only easy-going but can be very cuddly too! They do well in both bustling house or quite apartments. Bombay the jack black cat is a literal open book. To clarify, they gladly welcome and give abundant of love from and to their lovely humans ❤️️ And if their fill in love is not yet content, Bombay will follow you every step of the way and meow to you in expressive tone ceaselessly until you give them the soothing stroke under their chin. Other times, you are most likely to find them in the warm spot of your home.

This shorthaired cat is smart and quick to learn tricks. You can entertain them by teaching new tricks and letting them play with interactive toys. Constantly moving toys are especially crucial as leaving Bombays alone without distraction will leave them deeply unhappy 🙁

Bombay’s tight-knit black satin coat doesn’t shed too heavily, but they do need regular brushing to maintain their shining coat

Bombay cats carry a genetic disease, craniofacial defect, that is mainly visible in newborn kittens. They are also prone to condition such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (beady eyes, respiratory issues due to flat facial features).

4. British Shorthair (British Blues)

shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 12-17 years (3 years to full maturity) 

Who wouldn’t know The Winston Churchill of the cat world? Other than being in the top 10 cat breeds worldwide and the most favorable cat breed of Britain, British Shorthair is the oldest natural breed in England.

Due to their near-extinction after World Wars, there was a cross-breeding between the breed that revitalized British Shorthair, which introduced a longhair gene. The ‘new’ breed got the acceptance of American Cat Association in 1967, The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1979, and Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in 1980. Now, this breed receives recognition from cat associations all over the world. Their fluffy teddy bear appearance is famous in fictional stories like Puss in Boots and Alice In Wonderland (Cheshire Cat).

British Shorthair is medium to large in size, with the males weighing 5-8kg and females weighing 4-7kg. They have short but strong legs and broad chest that serve their noble stance, short but thick tail, and fat jowls that enhance their affection-rich appearance. They have a plush, dense coat (blue, black, white, red, smoke, cream, golden, silver), with blue (gray) being their most popular color. Their eye color follows their coat. But generally, most British Shorthair sport gold to copper eyes and the ones that are color-point have blue eyes

British Shorthair is quite a lone ranger!

These genteel felines enjoy occasional snuggles and staying close alongside their hoomans on the sofa, and click with reverent and gentle children as well as able to get along well with dogs.

However, they are rather independent, which implies they are not a lap cat and do not like being carried around. But do expect them to tail you around the house due to your curious nature. Female British Shorthair is more reserved than the rambunctious male, but both will gradually become sedentary and zen as they age. 

Although this shorthaired cat shed moderately, British Shorthair go through seasonal shedding during spring and fall, thus needing a regular brush for those periods to discard loose hair. After that, you only need to brush them once a week

Though they are generally free from genetic diseases that afflict other breeds, British Shorthairs are prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, gingivitis, and hemophilia B, but so long as you keep their diet with a formulated food that attend to their needs, your pets should be well and happy!

5. American Burmese (Shorthaired cat)

Lifespan: 10-16 years (5 years to full maturity)

These felines are the descendents of the Siamese. Many believe that their earliest ancestor was a cat named Wong Mau which people generally describe as a Siamese with a chocolate coat. They are also famous for the fact that palaces and temples favor this breed of all others.

Burmese males typically weigh 3-5kg and females weighing 2-4kg. This medium size kitty has a muscular body, round head, and expressive eyes. Depending on their satin-like, thick coat (sable, blue, champagne, platinum) which almost has no undercoat, their eyes color alternate between green or golden. Burmese kittens with sable coat will experience darkening color as they grow

Belying their graceful features, this shorthaired cat is a social butterfly of the cat family. They love to chat with you with their soft and sweet voice, and are always a curious kitty. They spend their exciting days pursuing new discoveries and relationships. Burmese is  also energetic and playful. They revel in learning new tricks and playing with interactive toys. When not active, Burmese is an affectionate pet. They are attention givers as much as attention seekers, and will likely tag along wherever you go. They are quite literally oblivious of boundaries with interest of befriending every being they lay their eyes upon. This is why they turn to a lap cat on and a super snuggler to whomever. Like a dog, their genial nature makes forming a friendship with other pets less of a problem.  

Burmsese don’t shed much so you only have to brush them once a week to keep their coat shiny and healthy. Health-wise, they are delicate to anesthesia and are prone to gingivitis.

6. Cornish Rex (Shorthaired cat)

Lifespan: 10-15 years (3 years to full maturity)

Back in Cornwall, Nina Ennismore named the breed Rex in the honor of her pets Astrex rabbits wavy fur that appears similar to Cornish Rex’s coat texture.

Cornish Rex is small to medium size with males weighing 3-4kg and females weighing 2-3kg. Their curly, soft coat (black, white, blue, cream, red, chocolate, silver, lavender, tabby, smoke) is extra silky due to the non-existent guard hair. They are famous for their bat-like, large ears and big eyes

This shothaired cat perks up easily by movements, and naturally an energetic climber, leaper and sprinter despite their petite body. They also have a jolly nature that lasts throughout adulthood.

7. Devon Rex (poodle cat)

shorthaired cat
shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 9-15 years (3 years to full maturity)

Devon Rex is a small to medium size cat, with males weighing 3-5kg and females weighing 2-4kg. They are also popular as purring poodles thanks to their curly coat and waggy tail when they are lively. They have facial features that resembles a pixie, their large ears that reminds you of an elf (thus the nickname ‘Elf Cat’) and wide set of inquisitive eyes.

Although they seem similar to Cornish Rex, Devon Rex has a completely separate genetic variation. To point it out, Devon Rex breed has a coarser coat than Cornish Rex.

They are relatively outgoing and active. However, you don’t have to worry about their safety. Devon Rex is extremely skillful when it comes to jumping and climbing. They adapt well in small apartments or houses. It is a good idea to consider this shorthaired cat, as Devon Rex is famous for their clown behaviour that seeks to please you as much as they possibly can!

8. Egyptian Mau (Shorthaired cat)

Lifespan: 12-15 years (2 years to full maturity)

These sacred kitties once worshipped by Egyptians back in 1550 BC. The breed nearly became extinct after World War II. Their survival thankfully retained when Russian princess, Natalie Troubetskoy, began breeding her two silver female cats  in 1956. 

Egyptian Mau is a medium size cat, with males weighing 5-7kg and females weighing 3-5kg. They have graceful, muscular body. Their long and lean hind legs that allow them to run at a fast speed of 30 mph. Their wedge-shaped head has a M-shaped forehead and mascara-lined cheeks, features that rival the cats in ancient Egyptian art. Other interesting features of this shorthaired cat is their gooseberry green eyes, tiny feet and banded long tail. Their coat varies in distinct colors like silver, smoke, bronze, blue, black, blue silver, blue smoke, and blue spotted. Their spots vary in shape with marking that are without human manipulation, making them the only naturally spotted cat all around the world. 

Egyptian Mau is very talkative!

Egyptian Mau is a devoted cat that is very expressive to their humans. This can be seen by the constant meowing and the graceful swish of their tail. Their tenderly kneading front paws also very well mean they are happy! These shorthaired cats can be playful hunters when chasing to retrieve their toys. When hyperactive, they are often climbing on top of bookshelves and refrigerators. Occasionally, Egyptian Mau enjoys splashing in water. Being the brainy cat, you might spot their nimble paws turning the faucet. Only during rare occasions are they spending their time curling in people’s lap. They get quite wary around strangers. Other than that, Egyptian Mau is the best companion to frolic with active children and other playful pets who can catch up to their outburst of energy!

9. European Burmese (Shorthaired cat)

Lifespan: 10-15 years (5 years to full maturity)

Legend says that these shorthaired cats were once favoured in both temples and royal households. They were dotted on so much that a monk was assigned specifically for each Burmese cat to attend to their every whim. 

European Burmese is a medium size cat, with the males weighing 5-7kg, and females weighing 3-5kg. Their slanted eyes and thicker body shape are comparatively different than their close cousin the American Burmese. They have glossy, fine coat with the colors of brown, chocolate, blue, lilac, cream, red, brown tortie, chocolate tortie, blue tortie, and lilac tortie. Generally, European Burmese breed is smart cats and perfect pets to be with both cats and dogs.

10. Exotic Shorthair

shorthaired cat
shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 12-14 years (2 years to full maturity)

Initially, people called them Sterling due to their elegant silver coat. However, they were later named Exotic as the silver color was non-existent in any American Shorthairs. 

Exotic Shorthair is medium to large in size, with males weighing 3-7kg and females weighing 3-5kg. Their round face gives them a soft teddy bear look. They have thick, plush coat (white, blue, black, red, chocolate, cream, silver, lilac) with a body and friendly nature of a persian except the long hair and excessive need of brushing. Best of all, this sporty breed is famous for their loyal and affectionate personality, but they can also be quite shy and sensitive.

If you love the fluffiness of a persian, but do not want to deal with the hair, Exotic Shorthair is for you! These shorthaired cats mostly resemble a persian cat, having inherited an easy-going disposition of the expensive breed, save for the high-maintenance coat. To make it a whole lot better, the additional benefit will be a playful and active kitty if you are on for it

11. Havana (Shorthaired cat)

Lifespan: 8-13 years (2 years to full maturity)

Contrary to the widely believed fact of their Cuba origin, Havana cat was actually located far away in Britain. A crossbreeding between a black domestic short haired Persian and a chocolate point Siamese 50 years ago resulted in a rare chest brown cat which was first named as Chestnut Foreign Shorthair. Subsequently, they earned their name from how similar their lustrous, smooth brown coat is to the color of Havana cigars. But Havana cat also comes in lilac color. 

Havana cat is medium in size, with males weighing 4-5kg and females weighing 3-4kg. These shorthaired cats are lithe yet muscular, sweet yet playful. On top of it, they also have oval brilliant green eyes. One unique disposition about them is that Havana cats tend to extend their paws towards something they are curious about, which differentiate them from other breeds who will usually lean and smell.

Havana is the cat version of a puppy, because this breed will follow you literally everywhere. However, unlike their charming demeanor, Havana cats are actually outgoing, although only lightly active than the other short-haired cat breeds. Most importantly, they are easy to train, especially when it comes to fetching.

The Havana cats thrive on people’s attention and affection. In other words, they are constantly eager to snoop on the chores you’re on and to meow an adorable banter at you, until you finally surrender and give them their favorite belly rub and warm cuddles. Above all, for busy cat lovers seeking to find a pet, Havana can well spend time on their own without a fuss. That is to say, they are suitable pets for cat lovers.

12. Japanese Bobtail (Shorthaired cat)

Lifespan: 15-18 years (2-3 years to full maturity)

Japanese Bobtail was populating Japan for centuries before Elizabeth Freret imported three Japanese Bobtails into the United States and produced more of the breed in 1968. Up until now, they are japanese citizens’ priority as they believe having this particular breed will attract more luck and prosperity

Japanese Bobtail is a medium size cat, with males weighing 3-5kg and females weighing 2-4kg. They have a tail that resembles a pom-pom, triangle face, and big ears. Their thick, silky coat appears in white, black, blue, red and cream. 

These shorthaired cats enjoy a play-catch. Besides that, you are most likely to spot them carrying something in their mouth. Moreover, they are exceptionally confident cats. To clarify, they have the ability to be sociable with everyone they meet and get along very well with children. They sure love company, but Japanese Bobtail is also decently independent that they are easily able to spend enjoyable time in solitude.

13. Korat (Shorthaired cat)

shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 10-15 years (5 years to full maturity)

Korat cat is a native breed of Thailand, as far as have their local name there, which is the beautiful Si-Sawat. Just like Japanese Bobtail, they are a symbol of luck. They are medium in size, with males weighing 4-5kg and females weighing 3-4kg. Their face is uniquely heart-shape, with intense wide eyes that instantly take your breath away as they gaze at you. To top it all, they have a glossy, silver-tipped, fine blue coat that shimmers under the sun.  

When first born, all Korats’ eyes are blue in color. However, as these shorthaired cats grow to adolescents, their eyes transition to amber (green around the pupils), before subsequently changing more to brilliant green when they mature.

This extraordinary Thai breed is a loving and amiable kitty, especially with children. In addition, Being the center of attention is their special ability, and they make sure to maintain that by vocally keeping everyone’s focus on them with their higher than average intelligence. They are also quite active, but have slow and wary steps. The lesser than best part is that they may easily startle by sudden noise and raucous due to their distinct capacity of scent, sight and hearing.

14. LaPerm (Shorthaired cat)

Lifespan: 10-15 years (2-3 years to full maturity)

LaPerm is a medium size cat, with males weighing 3-5kg and females weighing from 2-4kg. They have a distinct, soft coat (white, blue, black, red, chocolate,cream, cinnamon, lavender, fawn) that ranges from wavy to ringlets. Their curls are tightest on the base of their ears, bottle- brush tail, throat and belly. 

This shorthaired cat has a hail-fellow-well-met personality with their gentle and sociable nature, if not spirited and curious. They bask in attention and prefer to spend their time with human company. Though inquisitive, LaPerms are well and comfortable just by snuggling in your lap or being where action is going on. To sum up, they definitely thrive the most when surrounded by loving families.

15. Manx (Shorthaired cat)


Lifepsan: 8-14 years (5 years to full maturity)

Manx is by far the only tail-free cat breed, and naturally very fatty, with males weighing 4-6kg and females weighing 3-5kg. Their stout body is round all-over, from their head, eyes, to their rear, save for their broad chest. They have short front legs that make their rear sitting higher than their shoulders, giving them a rabbit-like appearance.

Their double coat (white, blue, black, red, silver, cream, tabby, calico) is glossy and dense with a vast range of patterns. Their double coat sheds more during spring and fall, so Manx needs a regular brush.

Manx is famous for their fur-ball tail (a.k.a ‘stumpies’), but not all of the Manx breed are tailless. Though rare, some are born with long tails (a.k.a. ‘longies’).

A loyal guard and a lovey dovey kitty!

When not hunting rodents or bugs or standing guard, this shorthaired cat is a good-natured and playful and affectionate kitty. Expect them to follow you around the house or snooze in your lap. Sometimes, they might even get into a vocal chat with you. They are overall adaptable and love meeting and greeting new people. If introduced from a very early age, they can easily adjust to other pets. Manx enjoys exploring new activities. With the intelligence of a canine, you can teach them easily from fetching toys, walking on leash, turning the faucet to opening the door. They also have the best time in a moving car and enjoy splashing in the water! By now, you could have guessed. Manx cats need constant companions in their day to day and can’t stand being alone for more than a few minutes. 

Did you know?

20% of the Manx breed are affected with what Manx syndrome, which are defects like short spine, difficulties with digestions and bowels, and urinary tract problems. When not bred with a tailed cat, they are prone to an implication as serious as a stillbirth. However, their lack of tails do still have nerve-endings, which consequently makes the area acutely sensitive. Stumpies especially, are susceptible to arthritis in their tailbone

16. Ocicat (Shorthaired cat)

Lifespan: 15-18 years

An experiment cross-breed of an Abyssinian and a Siamese produced an ivory kitten with copper eyes and golden spots. The kitten was called “Tonga”, while the breed’s name was derived from the spotted wild cat it resembled. At Dr. Clyde Keeler’s request to mimic the nearly extinct feral species, another breeding produced another male kitten that then became the sire of the Ocicat breed. 

Ocicat is medium to large in size, with males weighing 5-7kg and females weighing 3-6kg. Their muscular body has everything to thank for their athletic nature. They have a satiny, smooth coat in color tawny, cinnamon, chocolate, blue, fawn, lavender, ebony silver, cinnamon silver, chocolate silver, blue silver, fawn silver and lavender silver.

Their appearance may be a bit deceiving to their family-oriented nature that belies their exotic, wild look, but this shorthaired cat is actually an affectionate feline who dislikes it the most when you leave them alone. They are extremely loyal to you and fast learners. You may find that it is almost too easy to train your Ocicat to respond to your voice commands and learn the rules in the house. Some people call them the social dogs, due to their demeanor that is very approachable to every being on earth.

17. Oriental Shorthair

shorthaired cat
shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 13-15 years 

Oriental Shorthair is a small to medium size kitty, with males weighing 3-5kg and females weighing 2-4kg. They are an elegant, sleek feline with long, slender body and massive, flaring ears and almond eyes. They have a glossy, fine coat in colors blue, cinnamon, chestnut, cream, fawn, ebony, lavender, white and red. In one litter, you can find both shorthair or longhair Oriental Shorthair, although the longhair is quite unusual and thus is the rarest of its kind. 

Oriental Shorthair is a playful and energetic breed with a vivacious demeanor, a purrfect feline friend for those who seek for an ever active company. They love people and can easily attach to a human. Once you show care to them, you will notice these shorthaired cats instant change in behaviour as they do things with the sheer intention to please you (a.k.a they turn into an attention-seeker), and will act ‘accordingly’ with all their might  until you addressed their royally acknowledge-able presence.

Generally, Oriental Shorthair is a very healthy breed and can live more than 15 years.

18. Pixie Bob (Shorthaired cat)

Lifespan: 13-16 years (4 years to full maturity) 

Pixie Bob cat is medium to large in size, with males weighing 6-8kg and females weighing 4-6kg. Their muscular and brawny build resembles the wild Red Bobcat from Pacific Northwest. They have resilient, soft coat (brown-spotted tabby) and share personality with a dog that is their active, faithful, and friendly side.

These smarty pants of cat breeds can easily learn to walk on leash, practice some human words and fetch their toys in no time! Most of all, these shorthaired cats are an outgoing and relax cat that can be a loving companion for children and pets alike. 

19. Russian Blue (Archangel cats)

shorthaired cat
shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 10-15 years (3-4 years old to full maturity)

Their warm coat has people believing that they came from Russia, and likely to leave the continent on boat and arrived in England and Europe during mid 1800s, before being brought to United States during 1900.

This medium sized cat has a semi-foreign, firm body type that rests in between stout like a Persian and angular like a Siamese. Other distinctive features are their long neck, pointed ears, and wide, round stunning green eyes. They have a plush, silver-tipped, fine double coat (gray, blue, white, black) that glistens beautifully. Some kittens in a litter may be spotted with a hint of stripes (a.k.a ‘ghost stripes’) due to the tabby gene that existed in all cats. These stripes will however fade as the kittens grow.

Korat is wary but clingy!

Click and grab yours now!

This shorthaired cat is a typically gentle kitty. But, they can be shy with strangers. Similarly, they are wary of crowds and noise. But once comfortable, they are fond and loyal to their owner and will follow you everywhere, including sitting on your shoulder. Russian Blue is independent enough to amuse themselves while home alone, but when accompanied, can play-fetch tirelessly. If that doesn’t drain their energy, jumping around and climbing will, until they fall asleep while watching the activities from their cat tower. This breed is also inclined to be in a routine. They will be your devoted alarm clock for their favourite time of the day: Breakfast! 

Russian Blue shed very lightly. But to maintain their shiny, soft coat, do comb them at least twice a week. Also, they are known to be food lovers. But if left unchecked, their healthy appetite might cause them obesity. See to it that they exercise daily as much as they eat, increase their playtime if need be. 

20. Savannah (Shorthaired cat)

Lifespan: 12-20 years (3 years to full maturity)

A crossbreed between a domestic cat and an African Serval in 1986 gave birth to a kitten with the size of a Serval but as tame as a domestic cat. They named her “Savannah”. But only years later did the International Cat Association (TICA) accept this remarkable breed as an official breed.

Savannah appear larger because of their height thanks to their longer back legs, but they only weigh around 6-12 kg. Those long legs are also the reason for their amazing climbing and jumping skills that allow them to reach a vast distance of 8 feet horizontally. 

This exquisite shorthaired cat breed has an exotic features similar to an African Serval with long, slender neck, triangular head and wide, large ears. Their coat (black, black silver spotted tabby, brown spotted tabby, black smoke) is coarse in texture, some have lighter color than the others.

They are smart. ‘Sit’ and ‘fetch’? Easy! They can master that in a day or two (no exaggeration intended). They are also adventurous and an incredible hunters with their enhanced instinct, so they might be a horrible choice for a pet if your household has tiny pets like fish, birds and hamsters. With proper socialization, they can be a great loyal companion for people and other pets, especially dogs as they are more relatable in size compared to other average cats. 

Savannah wuffs water!

Savannah cats shed very sparsely, so there is less grooming needed. However, keep in mind. They are very playful! So you might have to bath them often regardless when they get into a naughty mess. But the good news is, Savannah loves water! So, cleaning them is the least of your concern, as they will happily frolic and wade in them.

Savannah breed is not prone to health problems, except for a very rare tendency of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is when their heart muscle thickens. Food-wise, they should be on a high protein diet to well assist their energetic playtime.

Did you know? 

Despite being banned in states like Hawaii, Georgia and Massachusetts due to their status as a ‘hybrid’, the cost of a first-generation Savannah cat can top up to $20,000.

21. Scottish Fold (Lop-eared cat)

shorthaired cat
shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 11-15 years

Scottish Fold is a medium size kitty, with males weighing 4-6 kg and females 3-4 kg. When you think of Scottish Fold, you will naturally think of the word ‘Round’. Round body, round face, round eyes. Well… except for their droopy ears. But nobody would deny the fact that they are one of the cutest cats ever existed in this friendly universe.

Their unique folded ears are the result of a genetic mutation. The folding ears appear in many way. Some Scottish Fold have a loose, single fold while others wear a tighter double and triple folds. The kittens are all with straight ears for their first 3 weeks. After that, 50% of the litter will later start to develop folded ears. However, these folded ears make them prone to ear infection.

These shorthaired cats dense, plush, soft coat (white, blue, black, red, silver, cream, tabby) comes with variety patterns. Most often, a certain coat color matches with a specific eye color. It’s common to see a white Scottish Fold with blue eyes or a brown or red tabby with copper eyes.

Scottish Fold is an intelligent and social cat. They thrive on playing with mystifying toys that challenge their brain, and revel in interaction and attention with people. Their ultimate pet peeve is being alone 😣 Whether it’s with a human or other pets, Scottish Fold loves being accompanied at all times. 

Scottish Fold shed steadily throughout the whole year, with heavier shedding during spring and fall. Be sure to comb them several times a week to remove the loose hair. 

Did you know? 

Scottish Fold breed is well-known for their weird postures where they are seen sprawling flat like a pancake on the floor, standing meerkat style on their hind legs, or simply lying on their back with their paws catching the air. 

22. Selkirk Rex (Shorthaired cat)

shorthaired cat
shorthaired cat
shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 11-20 years

Selkirk Rex is one of the most recent breeds. They have medium to large body, with males weighing 5-8kg and females weighing 3-6kg. Their soft, curly coat appears in white, red, black, cream, lavender, blue and chocolate. A litter of Selkirk Rex may have straight hair kittens amongst curly kittens. The kittens with curly coats, when they are born, have an intensely curly coat, but at around 4 months, the coat will slowly straighten. However, the curls will come back during their 8th to 10th month, and get even more curly until they reach 2 years of maturity. 

This shorthaired cat is a fantastic, people-oriented breed. They also get along very well with other pets, having a calm and patient disposition that makes them generally adaptable to different living situations. Not only are they smart and fun, Selkirk Rex is also a very healthy and strong breed that lives to 20 years of age.

23. Siamese (Shorthaired cat)

shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 11-15 years

Coming from Siam which is now known as Thailand, Siamese is one of the original breeds that had contributed in the birth of well-known breeds such as the Himalayan, Balinese and Burmese cat breeds. However, only during 1871 was when the breed got the media’s attention as they participated in a cat show of West England.

Siamese cat is medium in size, with males weighing 5-7kg and females weighing 4-6kg. They are quick to be recognized from their long lean physique that is angular yet lithe. Their hind legs are longer than their front legs and they have a thin tail. The most captivating feature of a Siamese cat is their almond-shaped, vibrant sapphire blue eyes. These shorthaired cats also gained massive recognition from the distinct color of their glossy colorpoint coat (seal point, blue point, chocolate point, lilac point, tabby), with body coat lighter (white, cream, ivory) than their ears, feet and tails that are darker in color. Other distinguishing features of the Siamese are their triangular ears and wedge-shaped head.

Siamese is super friendly!

Siamese is not only graceful to a tee, but they are also an intelligent cat breed…. and extremely extroverted. You will notice that when being left alone, Siamese cats will find random things to keep their mind occupied, and when that does not interest them anymore, they will approach and chat with anyone about all the things they have to say about life, even when you have no interest in humoring them. But we bet you will eventually succumb to their affection and entertain the pleasure of having this talkative cat around. 

Siamese cat work well with company and mingle well with children as well as strangers, and is a good choice for playmates to frolic with other pets. They are rich with movements and highly inquisitive, but when offered a lap, will curl up in you without a second thought. Bedtime is their favourite as they snuggle with you on the bed. When you’re not offering affection however, they will fill their time with a plethora of games. We do advise on taking the appropriate precautions to save your house from their sneaky mischief as Siamese can have quite an unpredictable behaviour

Siamese experiences a very light shedding. They only need a simple weekly brush to maintain the healthy shine of their coat.

Did you know?

The shape of their head causes Siamese to be at a higher risk of periodontal disease and respiratory illnesses. Other common physical deformities like crossed-eyes in Siamese are completely safe and thus do not need any medical attention

24. Singapura

Does yours fold their little hands in? from r/singapura
Our new Singapura kitten Punky, it’s the smallest cat breed

Lifespan: 9-15 years (3 years to full maturity)

Over a century ago, living in drains of Singapore, there were once a scattered group of small brown cats who had to fight for their fish daily on Malaysia’s Island shipping dock. Their namesake comes from the name of the country they originated from, Singapore. It means ‘lion city’, which explains the reason they were called ‘little lions of love’

Singapura is the smallest domestic breed of cats, with males weighing 3-4kg and females weighing 2-3kg. They have fine, silky sepia coat and are most commonly called the ‘pesky people cat’ from their highly sociable and so playful disposition. This lovable pint-sized kitty thrive from consistent attention and playtime.

Their overly friendly demeanor makes it exceptionally easy for adult, children and cat-loving pets to approach. They are also a brilliant cat who is very attentive as they observe their surroundings. However, these shorthaired cat despise cacophony, so Singapura might not be the right match if you are seeking a pet tolerant enough of a raucous household and noisy children.

25. Tonkinese

Lifespan: 15-18 years 

Tonkinese cats came from their ancestral breed, the Siamese and Burmese, though their looks retain more on the Siamese side of the family. Canadian Cat Association was the first organization to recognize this breed during the late 1960s.

Tonkinese have a muscular, medium sized body and blue-green aqua eyes. They males generally weigh 4-6kg while the females weigh approximately 3-4kg

Like their ancestors, pointed Tonkineses are born white. But as they age, their color gradually darkens until a few years later when their silky, fine coat finally become full and rich with color like champagne point, natural point, blue point, and platinum point. These shorthaired cat can also be found with solid colors of their Burmese parents like the natural mink, blue mink, champagne mink, platinum mink, champagne solid, natural solid, blue solid, platinum solid.

Tonkinese cat has a colorful personality. They are active, witty, and enjoy frisking, clambering, as well as wooshing by at lightning speed. Their happiest moment will be when they are cuddling in your lap. They are not as vocal as the Siamese, but occasionally, Tonkinese cat craves playmates company like children or other cat-friendly pets. They are often called ‘The mellow kitty’ from their warm and gentle demeanor and the need of constant attention from their owner.

26. Toyger

Lifespan: 12-15 years 

Toyger cat is medium in size, with males weighing 5-7kg and females weighing 6-5kg. Their soft, plush coat (brown mackerel tabby) is distinguished from average cats. When the average domestic cats have vertical stripes (mackerel tabby) or rounded rosettes (spotted tabby) coat pattern, Toyger’s magnificent streak of vertical stripes are branched and bolder in color, that which resembles a wild tiger. As a matter of fact, they were bred for this exact reason. 

Toyger is a robust and social cat with an easy temperament. They are utterly joyful to be around humans (yes, even strangers), and can be a relatively great company to other pets. They are also smart kitties. With these shorthaired cats, tricks training become an effortless activity as they grasp the pattern easily!

27. Abyssinian

shorthaired cat
Hello Reddit. My name is Wolf. This is also my first Reddit post ever – I often visit r/abyssinians and thought I should show Wolf. Love him so much ! from r/Abyssinians

Lifespan: 9-15 years

Abyssinian is one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds with an unclear origin, but what we do know is that after a cat breed that was designed to have the features of a cougar or a small mountain lion was developed, the Abyssinian cat breed began to be cultivated in Britain, before finally when 1900s came through, the first of the Abyssinian breed arrived in United States.

Abyssinian is a medium sized cat, with males weighing 3-4kg and females weighing 2-3kg. Their regal look that reminds you of the sacred cat of Egypt makes them well known all around the world, enhanced by their agile body and long lean legs. They have stunning almond eyes and thick coat in colors like ruddy, red, fawn, blue,and cinnamon.

This shorthaired cat is generally an active feline. Their days are rich with nimble moves. They love to perch at high places and are fond of exploring every nook and cranny due to their neverending curiosity. They are also a very smart and high-spirited cat with a lot of heart 💗

28. American Wirehair

Lifespan: 14 -18 years

The American Wirehair breed is hard to find in countries other than the United States due to their rarity. Their medium to large sized boy is heavy with muscle and bones. The males weigh around 5-7kg and the females weigh around 3-5kg. Their thick, crimped coat (white, cream, blue, red, fawn, platinum, chestnut, seal, chinchilla, silver, golden, cameo, brown, bluecream, tortoiseshell) comes with patterns like solid color, bicolor, smoke, calico, or tabby. Their fur feels slightly coarse due to its protection mechanism.

American Wirehair is a placid and easy-going kitty. They can quickly attach to their new family member. Eventhough they do love spending time with you, this shorthaired cat doesn’t need constant attention. However, should they feel the mood to play, this affectionate breed will bring their toy to you personally. Don’t worry if you’re in no situation to entertain them because when that happen, they can keep themselves company just fine!

29. Bengal

shorthaired cat
shorthaired cat
shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 12-16 years

A crossbreed between the American Shorthair tabby and the Asian leopard cat had bred a kitten with a spotted coat that looked so much like their wild ancestors. To make it more interesting, it had hind legs that are uniquely shorter than its forelegs.

These shorthaired cats are large in size, with the males weighing 5-7kg and females weighing 4-5kg. Their thick, lush coat (golden, brown, rust, orange, buff, sand, ivory) is covered with spots and marble of various colors (rust, chocolate brown,  cocoa, black, charcoal).

This breed can be hard to handle as they are extremely high in energy at all times, not to mention their over the top athleticism and quick-witted intelligence. If you have similar energy as them, being around Bengal can bring you a lot of fun as you can train them easily, take them for a fast-paced walk, and best of all: Swimming with them! 

30. Chartreux

shorthaired cat
shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 12-15 years (3 years to full maturity)

Chartreux is one of the oldest original cat breeds, having been found way back in the 1800s.. Though unofficial, they were claimed as France’s national cat. There are various tales about the origin of this shorthaired cat. Some said their ancestors were cats that served to catch mice. Others mentioned they were the company of Carthusian monks. These monks are widely recognized for their skill in making Chartreuse liqueur. Anyhow, all cat lovers are fully aware that the definite connection Chartreux has since centuries ago is with none other than France.

Chartreux cat is medium in size, with males weighing 6-8kg and females weighing 3-5kg. However, their toothpick-like, skinny legs, do not match with their muscular, solid build. Their most defined feature will be their turned-up muzzle that makes it look like they are smiling. Other attractive features of the Chartreux is their captivating orange eyes and mildly fuzzy blue-grey coat.

Most Charteux are introverts with lots of calming and sweet affection. On top of that, they are excellent cats that are amazing at small-prey hunting.

31. Sphynx 

shorthaired cat
shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 15-20 years 

Since their first appearance in Canada during the late 1960s, Sphynx is extremely well-known as the hairless cat. In reality, they do have hair covering their body but they’re very light and difficult to see with human eyes. But due to the sole, minimal layer of coat, Sphynx are awfully sensitive to weather changes, most specifically cold climate. 

Sphynx is medium in size, with males weighing 4-5kg and females weighing 3-4kg. Though some are born completely bald, some Sphynxs have a coat (white, blue, black, red, silver, cream, golden, tortoiseshell, cameo, blue-cream, brown) as light as a peach fuzz.

Sphynx is an amazing breed for a fun and loving family that suits their similar loving and family-oriented nature, and enjoys entertaining their owner. Of course, they are also smart pets to be taught fun tricks! They have a constant need for attention and appreciate affectionate gestures from their companies 💞

32. Burmilla

Lifespan: 10-15 years 

Burmilla breed happened when a mix of the mischievous and demanding Burmese and the affectionate and laid-back Chinchilla made a loving, fun, quiet, and gentle sociable kitty.

Burmilla is medium in size, with males weighing 4-6kg and females weighing 4-5kg. In United States, Burmilla is considered an exceptional breed with an elegant yet muscular body and a couple distinctive features which are their eyes that vary in color amongst an array shade of green, and their silky and smooth silvery white coat that appears in shades or color-tipped.

Burmilla is are both upbeat and laid-back at the same time, which makes taking care of them so easy! But as a precaution of their inevitable clumsiness, make sure to keep your breakables somewhere safe where this playful kitty won’t find! That aside, they are good with children and are even more loved by their sweet personality.

33. Thai

Lifespan: 15-20 years

Perhaps you adore a Siamese cat but can’t help wondering, ‘How do their ancestors look?’ Say no more, Thai cat is the original, old-style version of the famous Siamese breed before the copious selective breeding took place. In fact, Thai breed is purposely bred to maintain the natural features of the Siamese breed.

Thai cats are medium in size, with males weighing 5-7kg and females weighing 4-6kg. Although they are considered quite similar, Siamese cat and Thai cat are considered separate breeds. Compared to the modern version of them a.k.a the Siamese, Thai cat has a more neutral look with their blue eyes, beige body, and darker colored points. However, much like their close cousin, Thai cat is people-oriented, very smart, active and inquisitive kitty!

34. Chausie

Lifespan: 12-14 years

At a glance, by a hundred percent, Chausie gives an impression of a wild cat. But to your surprise, they are far from their wildcat lineage. The truth is, they are nothing but an affectionate giant kitty that has all the characteristics of a domestic cat. 

Chausie is a large cat, with males weighing 5-8kg and females weighing 4-6kg. Their coat is rough to touch and appears on colors like solid black, black/brown ticked tabby, and black grizzled tabby.

They are top notch sprinters and awesome athletes thanks to their supercharged energy that contributes to their ability to leap 6 feet into the air.

Chausie is a clever big cat that knows to maneuver their way to the furthest, most unthinkable spots in the house. You guessed it right. By all means, keep your beloved items away from their sight before the regrettable happen. And, although we did say Chausie is a friendly kitty that gets along well with other cats and dogs, their big size and vigorous nature may not bode well for a family with newborns or infants. 

35. Colorpoint Shorthair

shorthaired cat

Lifespan: 12-15 years 

Colorpoint Shorthair cat is small to medium in size, with males weighing 4-6kg and females weighing 3-4kg. Their lustrous coat (cream, red, seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, lilac cream, bluecream) comes in tabby or pointed patterns.

Generally, Colorpoint Shorthair is an affectionate but sensitive cat. They are easily overwhelmed by their own emotions, and when the wave of intense feeling hits them, they will ‘tell’ you about it in an engaging heart-to-heart ‘talk’ while following you where you go. If they still feel the edginess, they might prompt you to give them a much needed pampering session.

Before choosing this particular breed, you gotta ask yourself, ‘Do I really like constant company?’ because trust us when we say, Colorpoint Shorthair will never let you have a peaceful alone time. Ever. 

36. Khao Manee

Lifespan: 10-12 years (5 years to full maturity)

Khao Manee is one of the rarest cat breeds, but once you get a hold of them, you will never be free from their devoted attention while listening to their chatty meows. They are small to medium in size with males weighing 4-5kg and females weighing 3-4kg. They have smooth, pure white coat and eyes that are oddly colored (half gold half blue).

Khao Maneee are super curious and playful cats that will happily play fetch with you and are always eager to explore the environment around them. If you choose to have Khao Manee as a pet, it would be great for them to have a towering cat tree in your house as well as furniture that are free for them to scratch on. 

They do very well in the relationship department as they can easily form an amazing bond with kids and other pets you might own. Health-wise, Khao Manee breed has been associated with potential deafness. But this is quite normal for cat breeds born with white coat and aqua eyes. 

37. Munchkin

Lifespan: 12-15 years (1 year to full maturity)

Munchkin doesn’t grow too big, making them an easy-to-handle kitty. Being the miniature of cats, our little medium-sized male Munchkins only weigh around 3-4kg. The females Munchkin are way lighter and small weighing around 2-3kg. They have thick, dense coat of variety colors and patterns such as calico, tortoiseshell, pointed, tuxedo, bicolor and tabby.

Munchkin may be small, but this tiny feline has one big heart. They socialize with people and pets of all ages and enjoy being adored by many. Pick them up as many times as you want for all they care.

Their short stature is no reason for them to be less active. They live their life everyday as if it’s their last by frolicking playfully with their long-legged cousins. In all honesty however, their short legs actually benefit them by giving their body a purrfect balance.

38. Ojos Azules

Lifespan: 10-12 years 

Ojos Azules is an extremely rare breed originated from United States. Back in early 1980s, a group of fanciers came across local feral cats with a pair of eyes with a shade of cyan to sapphire which they had never seen before. The rescued a female tortoiseshell cat which was named ‘Cornflower’. She is the matriarch of the present-day Ojos Azules breed. 

When Cornflower was old enough, the fanciers let Cornflower mate with male cats that had not a sliver of the blue eyes trait. Later, all the kittens she delivered were found to possess similar shades of blue in their eyes despite the differences in coat colors. This proved the blue eyes being a dominant trait.

Ojos Azules is a medium-sized cat, with males weighing 4-7kg and females weighing 3-6kg. They have silky, dark coat of all colors (except solid white), paired with the bluest eyes that beat the ocean. Their striking deep blue eyes are caused by the lack of iris in their eyes. 

The unique features of Ojos Azules breed include a triangle-shaped head, flat tip of their tail and white patches on their face, feet and tail. Other than their conspicuous appearance, Ojos Azules are generally active and loving kitties. The love to engage in interaction with people from the very start of your meeting. They can get along with everyone and everything so introducing them to your kids and pets is that last thing you should worry about. 

39. Serengeti

Lifespan: 10-15 years 

A conservation biologist, Karen Sausman, strongly opposed the idea of keeping wild animals in households. She believed that with a cat breed that resembles the ones in the wild, there will be less cases of hybrid seekers. Due to that prospective, she started a crossbreed between a Bengal and an Oriental Shorthair, which then gave birth to a domestic kitten with a wild, exotic look. 

Serengeti cat is medium in size, with males weighing 5-7kg and females weighing 4-6kg. They sport a regal appearance with their muscular yet lithe body, a graceful posture that level a ballerina. Serengeti have pointed, oversized ears, and slanted, circular eyes of brilliant amber or gold hues.

Their smooth, fine coat (silver-spotted tabby, smoke, lavender, brown-spotted tabby, solid black, snow) is covered with widely-spaced spots appearing in dark brown or black shades. A Serengeti with a black coat has what is called ‘ghost spotting’ where their black spotted pattern (to the tail!) is barely visible to human’s eyes. 

Serengeti is an affectionate introvert. While they appear standoffish at first, the moment they warm up on you, the initial shyness is completely swept away and now the one with unstoppable attraction to you is what we called ‘Vecro cat’. And, like most cat breeds, Serengeti works out too. They run lap by lap and zip end to end until their fitness is challenged and they call it a day 🤭

40. Snowshoe

Lifespan: 15-20 years 

Late in the 1960s, a Siamese mother cat gave birth to three fur babies with unusual sock-like feet that charmed her breeder instantly. After seeking assistance from another breeder, a crossbreed between the Siamese and the American Shorthair was inaugurated. However, there has been a rise and fall of the breeding of Snowshoe due to the difficulty to produce their rigid and preferred patterns as these markings are the sheer result of recessive genes. 

The Snowshoe breed is medium in size, with males weighing 4-6kg and females weighing 3-5kg. They are gifted with deep to pale blue eyes and have a smooth coat (white, tan, black, brown) with distinctive dark points on their ears, legs and tails, sometimes on the head. Snowshoes look like they constantly have an eye mask thanks to their inverted “V” facial marking. And the cutest of all issss their white floofy paws

Their exquisite facial markings and snowy white paws make them appear so much more magnificent than they actually are, but these fluff balls are actually just a bunch of affability and enthusiastic affection which they will almost immediately show you the moment you two encounter one another. They are your first volunteer for the best escort into the bathtub and everywhere else you go

41. Sokoke

Lifespan: 12-15 years (2 years to full maturity) 

Being one of the breeds that are very hard to find, these felines originated from the Sosoke Forest of Kenya. The Sosoke lineage had been living there for many decades, feeding on insects, until they were discovered. Before their present name, Sokoke cats were called Khadzonzo by the tribes in the forest. Initially, they were called the African Shorthair cat and were put under experimental breeding. When 1992 came, the breed was officially recognized as Sosoke. Now, in order to prevent inbreeding, the Sosokes are specifically imported from Kenya for further breeding. 

Sosoke cats are medium in size, with males weighing 6-7kg and females weighing 5-6kg. For a rather muscular body, these kitties are considered slim. Their hind legs are longer than the front, and they have unique oval paws and rounded toes. The expressive character that Sosokes are known for are due to their oval to almond shaped eyes that are wide apart from each other.

Although Sosoke cats have shiny and dense coat (african tabby), there’s a tightness to their body because of very limited undercoat. The good news is you only need to groom them once a week with preferably a wet suede cloth to maintain the shine. 

Until death do us apart ❤️️

After knowing their human, Sosoke forms the deepest, inseperable bond. They have a magic-like ability to pick up on your emotions. They will play with you when you’re happy and cuddle with you when you’re sad. However, Sokoke have a hard time adapting with a new company or environment due to their sensitive nature. Therefore, we highly suggest that you make a thorough research and be prepared for a big commitment before deciding for a Sokoke as your lifetime pet. 

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